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1.2 Rods only - NO EXCEPTIONS.

2.Your own net (36"+) & walled mats

3.All litter, whether yours or not must be placed in bins provided or taken home.

4. No fixed rigs - All rigs must eject the lead when needed and also be fish friendly, No leadcore.

5. All alcohol must be consumed in moderation, anyone found intoxicated will be asked to leave. are aloud but must be under control and all mess must be cleaned up after them.

7.All fish to be returned to the water or transported from the water in a sling or collapsed net, No carrying fish by hand.

8.Barbless hooks and micro barbed to be used.

9.No rods to be left un-attended - even with receiver.

10.No nuts to be used.

11.No fish to be held over 10 inches from the ground at anytime, including whilst taking photos.

12.No beach caster rigs 

13.All anglers must stick to the pegs provided and be courteous to all other anglers.

14.keep noise to a minimum

15.No under 18's to fish without adult supervision unless prior permission is given.

16.No Baitboats

17.No wet nets,please dry nets before coming to lake

18.No fishing passed the no fishing signs baiting is allowed

19.All bbq to be off the ground as to not spoil swims more than one guest


Anglers should note that they are responsible for their personal safety on waters and should have their own Personal Accident Insurance. By accepting a permit to fish, anglers are deemed to indemnify penuwch carp fishery  against all costs, claims, actions, liabilities and demands. Anglers are reminded that fisheries can be hazardous places.

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